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Washington, DC, September 7, 2015

Vets Against the Deal Executive Director to Address Stop the Iran Nuclear Deal Rally at US Capitol

On Wednesday, September 9, Vets Against the Deal Executive Director Michael Pregent will address the Stop the Iran Nuclear Deal Rally at the US Capitol. The rally is a grassroots-organized effort among more than 14 national organizations strongly opposed to Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. Pregent will be the only speaker representing vets wounded by Iran in Iraq.

“I will lay the blame where it belongs and make sure the American people know how our vets feel about this deal,” said Pregent. “More than 60 percent of the American people are not in favor of this deal with Iran, but Obama and nearly all Democrats stand 100 percent with Iran. This is nothing more than a cash for IRGC bunkers program. Our vets are against it. They, and I, will hold accountable every member of congress who does not work to stop it. On September 9, our voices will ring out against the very buildings in which Harry Reid is concocting a filibuster strategy with Obama to prevent congressional oversight. This rally is the surge against these tactics and the betrayal of vets wounded and killed by Iran in Iraq.”